Our top of the line retort includes all Premium features as standard as well as multiple options to customize the equipment for the maximum operating efficiency and economy of energy. The Premium retort range is offered in static and agitating retorts. Agitating retort models can be either for full container end-over-end rotation or oscillating gentle motion.

The semi-automatic version includes manual door operation and internal chain conveyor for easy loading and unloading baskets and trays. The automatic version features an automatic door while loading and unloading are typically made by a tongue-type shuttle in a fully automated batch retort system (ABRS).

In addition to the shell, both the door and the rear end are insulated and cladded with polished stainless steel. The door insulation is covered with thick stainless steel dished head as operators may lean and dent a soft cladding while manually operating.

The PSWS is especially suitable for pasteurization and chilling of refrigerated products as the heating medium is not affected by the amount of air in the steam-air mixture. As an option, the retort can be equipped with a second heat exchanger to use glycol water to bring the temperature down or close to cold storage values. Water out of the heat exchanger can be sent to a cooling tower or dry-cooler for recovery the same as chilled water can be sent back to the chiller for reuse. Surdry engineers can help designing water recovery circuits. The use of a heat exchanger also provides sterile water spray for cooling as the cooling water is not mixed with the process water recirculating in the vessel.

Upon request, an additional heat exchanger can be added for steam condensate recovery back to the boiler. This dedicated heat exchanger will not mix cooling water residue with the steam and will provide clean hot water without any new chemical treatment for boiler use.