Food Processing

SWS (Steam Water Spray) Technology, invented and patented by Surdry in 1983, is based on a mixture of steam-air and water spray used for homogeneous and fast heating. Water at the bottom of the retort is recycled to the vessel and pumped at high speed directly to the spray nozzles, located at the top of the retort.

Cooling is carried out by diverting part of recycling stream to a plate heat exchanger. Avoiding the installation of a heat exchanger is possible, reducing in consequence total investment on the retort. However, cooling water used in process cannot be reused due to its direct contact with products.

Number of water spray spreaders can be increased to improve heat distribution among certain container formats, like pouches or trays. Side sprays avoid the negative impact of top “umbrella” effect due to the presence of flat containers on the top of the trays stack.

SWS Technology allows an uniform sterilization process without the need of flooding, reducing steam and water consumption, as well as total cycle time.