Giant sterilizer to rock 6 lbs retort pouches

A new giant size Surdry oscillating retort is on its way to Northamerica for the upcoming canning season. Featuring a batch capacity for more than 1Tn of crushed tomatoes. It will join three previous Surdry oscillating retorts, to increase more than 35% the current plant output capacity. Rocking or oscillating viscous, liquid or solid-in-liquid food products provides multiple benefits mostly in terms of product quality. The gentle product agitation and the air bubble moving from end to end of the package provides even and faster heating and cooling, which does not only increase productivity but, more importantly, reduces thermal degradation, which occurs when foods are subject to high temperature for a long time.  It also prevents food scorching at hot spots and promotes hydration of beans and similar products in brine or sauce. It is also a great solution for the increasing market of dairy beverages in pouches which require agitation to prevent milk darkening and Maillard reaction.

This retort is the best possible for institutional size pouches. This is why better quality crushed tomatoes are possible.

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