Retort maintenance: key to a successful operation

Retort itself is one of the most reliable equipment within food industry with usual low to nil maintenance costs. However, a lack of preventive maintenance could lead to big headache in a few years of operation. Take a look at our recommended guidelines for carrying out a successful retort maintenance.

retort maintenance
Retort preventive maintenance is a must within the production line

Retort maintenaince guidelines

Final user should prepare a preventive maintenance schedule based on the company history and findings with their own retorts. However, the following schedule couls be used as initial guidelines while earning operation know-how:

Temperature sensorsCheck all temperature measurements against the master thermometer and report to quality control any deviation +/- 0.5ºCDaily
Master ThermometerSend to a higher standard laboratory for calibration and certificationYearly
Pressure sensorsCheck all pressure measurements against the master gauge and report to quality control any deviation +/- 100 mbarWeekly
DoorInspect door, flanges surface, door lock and safety latch performanceWeekly
Heat exchanger by-pass valveCheck adjustment and reset if necessaryMonthly
Chain position switchesCheck chain positioning and adjust the switches and reset the chain if necessaryMonthly
Conveyor chainCheck condition and tighten if necessaryMonthly
PackingMake sure there is not any leakageMonthly
Conveyor chain motor and transmissionLubricate the surface with KLUBERSYNTH GH6-32Weekly
Spray nozzlesCheck and replaceAs necessary
Chain dogCheck condition and positionWeekly
Roller trackCheck rollers and replace as necessaryYearly
Door gasketReplace in case of any small tear or wearAs necessary
Recycle PumpChange the seal if it leaksAs necessary
Emergency stopsCheck operationYearly
Safety valvesCheck the safety valvesYearly
RetortHydraulic testEvery 3 years or as required by law (*)

(*) Typical regulations require hydraulic tests of the vessel every 3-5 years. Before testing the vessel, remove all components that may not resist the test pressure.

Retort cleaning recommendations

Door gasket cleaning and lubricationDaily
Pump suction screenDaily
Recirculation filterWeekly
Water level controllerMonthly
Spray nozzlesEvery six months
Spray pipesYearly
Heat ExchangerYearly

Silicon oil is recommended to clean door gaskets for easy door lock opening and closing.

Cleaning detergents must be low acid (pH>6).

In case you would like a detailed assesment and assistance on your retorts maintencance please contact us.

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