The digital world coming along with Industry 4.0 plays a key role to step up safety in the food production and distribution chain. At SURDRY, we envision a “Quality Food Highway” where all toll gates from the field to the consumer will write a digital product ID filled with its genealogy by leaving a print at each gate, then linked to all applied standard procedures and deviation corrections.



But the actual revolution is not so much on how easily the information will be fed by the machines and control instruments, but the the short time it will take to retrieve such information by the ability of the technology to collect and disclose in minutes what it currently takes weeks. The software engineering department at SURDRY works closely with our customers and Industry 4.0 software companies to feed the food sterilization data inputs into their ERP systems. The sterilization process is a top risk variable in the production of low acid canned foods.

Read an interesting related report on “How to manage recalls” published by Food Engineering Magazine.


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