Technical service

Surdry’s Company philosophy is specially focused on the customer service and it is a key performance driver of our continuous improvement strategy.

Our team of people is highly specialized after having collected the wide experience accumulated during the long existence of the company.  Such experience gathers all fields related to the sterilization in retorts, including equipment, processes and regulations:

  • European and international pressure vessel standards
  • European and FDA regulations on low acid foods heat treated after canning
  • High temperature and pressure equipment engineering. Finite Element Modeling (FEM)
  • Electronic and computer science applied to the sterilization process control, safety and traceability
  • Thermodynamic engineering applied to the energy conservations and recovery
  • Food formulations and thermal treatment recipes
  • English-Spanish bilingual service engineers
Evitar paradas de producción por averías

Highly specialized Surdry engineers support customers with expert advise to make sure that the retort room is well fit for purpose, utilities and pipework are correctly in place and machines are safely installed in accordance with the operational and legal requirements.

Minimizar el tiempo de parada en caso de avería

Surdry retorts are designed for heavy duty with minimum maintenance requirement. However, preventive maintenance is strongly encouraged and facilitated by machine software and remote online support.

Facilitar el desarrollo innovador de nuestros clientes

Easy to use machines are completed by training of the customer’s personnel both in classroom and at the production line. Courses with friendly visual tools are offered for operators, maintenance and quality assurance staff.


Todo nuestro conocimiento está al servicio de la productividad y satisfacción de nuestros clientes que se concreta en los siguientes objetivos:
Evitar paradas de producción por averías

Prevent production stops by equipment breakdown

Customer operators and maintenance personnel trainning in plant and classroom

Installation, operation and performance qualifications following IQ, OQ and PQ protocols.

Professional and user friendly technical documentation

Periodical supervision and maintenance service contracts

Minimizar el tiempo de parada en caso de avería

Reduce equipment downtime in case of a breakdown

Free remote service asistance by telephone or on-line by computer telecommunication from service department PC to customer’s machine PLC and/or PC.

Permanent inventory of spare parts ready for dispatch from Spain and the USA.

Surdry selects commercial components with international sales and service so that the customer can expedite part sourcing or service from the nearest distribution center.

Service technicians based in Europe and North America.
Maximizar la productividad

Maximize production efficiency

Co-operate with our customers in continuously improving their processes and helping them prevent and resolve bottle neck situations caused by sterilization equipment.

Innovation and market surveillance to provide our customers with leading production solutions.
Facilitar el desarrollo innovador de nuestros clientes

Customer’s innovation

Surdry’s laboratory is equipped with all type of batch and continuous retorts to help our customers with their research and development work.

Test of pre-series pilot equipment for rental is also avaialble.