Surdry model A-158-E Retort #20, in two years time, is about to leave our premises with destination to the Midwest of the USA, a region that stands out for its production of meat. Ten retorts at each one of the two plants are going to be able to preserve by heat sterilization huge volumes of food packed in cans and pouches. The products include sausages and chilis for human consumption as well as dog foods. The human food plant started operation in the summer of 2017 and the petfood production is due for start up in 2018.



Surdry Hybrid Retort model A-158-E HSWS is the most recent innovation by Surdry, a company that strives permanently to find the perfect solution to every individual need. These retorts are able to combine production of cans and pouches by using the best process technology option for each type of package. Refer to our recent release under the title “HYBRID RETORT PROCESS: THE GOOD THINGS OF THE TRADITIONAL AND MODERN TECHNOLOGIES IN ONE”.

Each of the jumbo size retort with shell diameter 1.5 m diameter and 10 m length accommodate baskets with and overall useful volume of 10 cubic meters or 353 cu.ft or 2,641 US gallons, which can take up to 8 Tn of canned product per batch.



Despite the giant batch size, unparalleled come-up times of 10 minutes have been achieved with small cans, exceeding our customer’s best expectations.

These retorts are automatically loaded and unloaded by the longest shuttle car ever built to load food sterilization retorts. The arm or “tongue” of the shuttle car goes all the way into the retort to deposit the baskets so that no chain conveyors are required inside the retort vessel.

The high end computerized ICON control system includes process data electronic record keeping system in compliance with the US FDA Code For Federal Regulations 21 CFR Part 11 (Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures)

We are proud to have Stock America Inc. as our sales and system integration partner in the USA and congratulate them for their awesome job.

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  1. We are working with Performance Pet Products, in Mitchell S.D., who i believe has ordered 10 retort: A-158-E-Hybrid (1500 mm dia., 10 mts ) from you. They have asked us to size and bid water conditioning equipment for their entire plant and as many as 10 retorts and maybe 4 more in the future. We are trying to determine flow rates needed for the boiler system and the Cooling Water for all the retorts. It is a possibility that, the company supplying the 2 – 650 hp. boilers ( with the possibility of a 3rd at a later date) may provide their own water conditioning for those systems, that is yet to be determined. We are uncertain of what the peak demand would be for Cooling Water. We are also uncertain of what the peak demand would be for saturated steam. The plant Engineer has indicated that the peak demand may be 200 gpm for the entire plant ( for all sources of water within the plant and your equipment as well). With this many units in service, we are assuming that all retorts will not be operating simultaneously with steam and water. We are uncertain how many Retorts can operate simultaneously. A good explanation of the conditioned water flow rates and fill demands would be helpful along with cycle times for those demands. A list of cycle times and what all the cycles are for the Retort would be helpful. If you have operating information or manuals that would also be helpful. If possible, could we have all the information in gpm (gallons per minute).
    We have also noted that you would like the chlorine level to be less than 2 ppm. We are wondering if this is Free Chlorine or Total Chlorine? Also, according to state testing, our Ph levels in our water prior to water softening is currently at 8.75.
    Please contact us with any information that you could provide at 1-605-996-3477 or email us at
    Thank you, for your time and consideration on this matter.

    Dan Darrington
    Darrington Water Conditioning

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