About us

Security, Trust and Sustainability.

Surdry brings safety, trust, and sustainability to the food industry through the design, manufacturing, marketing, commissioning, and maintenance of sterilization systems for packaged food and beverages.

Since its establishment in 1981, Surdry has been dedicated to manufacturing autoclaves for the industry. Today, we proudly stand as a technological leader and trusted provider of autoclaves for sterilizing food and beverages after their hermetic packaging seal in jars, bottles, pouches, carton bricks, or any other suitable and ‘autoclavable’ container.

Our groundbreaking achievement lies in the invention of the Steam and Water Spray (SWS) autoclave, setting a new industrial standard with unparalleled advantages and versatility.

Now our company is introducing the Surdry Continuous Sterilizer, a game-changing concept that is now a commercial reality. Say goodbye to traditional batch autoclaves and embrace a continuous sterilization solution that pushes the boundaries of innovation.

Our trajectory


Steam and water spray autoclave (SWS)


ASME “U” Certification


“Preferred Supplier” Tetra Recart (Tetra Pak)


Multi-pack continuous sterilizer


Surdry North America

At Surdry, we have established a strong global presence in the food sterilization industry. Over the years, we have established multiple sales representations in many countries around the world.

Surdry North America has recently been established as Surdry’s new sales, service and support office in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Along with a technically competent sales team, SNA has centralized parts management, local service response and dedicated project management resources to elevate the customer experience.

Our success is based on the talent and dedication of our team. We have a group of highly qualified professionals who work collaboratively to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

Our team is comprised of experts in a variety of areas, including engineering, research and development, quality control, customer service and project management. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and experience, allowing us to tackle complex challenges and develop innovative, customized solutions.

Surdry values


We fulfill our commitments, act with transparency, integrity and respect. This includes aspects such as clarity in the communication of our policies, products and services, the protection of our customers’ privacy and personal data, the guarantee of quality and safety of our products and services, respect for the laws and regulations in force, equity and fairness in our labor and commercial relations, and social responsibility in our environmental impact and in the community where we operate.

Security and trust

These are fundamental values in our company, essential to establish lasting and fruitful relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees and the society to which we belong.

Customer orientation

We perform our work with a high degree of rigor and efficiency, providing solutions, improving and anticipating the emergence of challenges, implementing robust and guaranteed solutions. We are flexible, we adapt to changes and new needs of our customers.


We seek sustainability both internally and externally. Internally, because we improve our processes to achieve a positive impact on both the environment and society. Externally, because we accompany our customers in the development of solutions to optimize their production process and also develop alternatives to increase the life of food and beverages and reduce waste, thus making better use of our planet’s valuable resources.