Surdry Solutions

New Surdry Continuous Sterilizer

A cutting edge and patented innovation, Surdry’s new Continuous Sterilizer is the only one in the market able to process foods in cans, glass bottles and pouches in the same equipment.

Continuous Sterilization
for Food and Beverage Industry

Why this sterilizer is one of a kind

Energy Efficient Process

The steam consumption is reduced up to 50% compared to batch retorts, as no water or steel mass needs to be reheated and recooled every 1-2 hours. The stop-start to change the package format costs little energy and water compared to other continuous systems and is quick and easy.

Any container material, size or shape

With the condition of a single counterpressure, the sterilizer can accept baskets with cans, glass jars or bottles, pouches, carton packs and rigid plastic packs. It is also ideally suited for pasteurization in thin profile plastic cups or trays. A low counterpressure will allow to get to 100 ºC (212 ºF) or higher with no risk of seal damage or package deformation.

Big Access, easy Maintenance

In addition to the very low level of mechanical complexity, the sterilizer is accesible through doors on both ends. The standard 1.8 mts diameter Shell provides comfortable and low risk access.

Standard handling equipment

Containers are loaded in baskets or trays using conventional or robotic loaders and unloaders of the same kind as used for batch retorts. Existing equipment may be adapted to this continuous sterilizer.

High speed sterilizer

The sterilizer is loaded with a basket or stack of trays every 2 minutes or more, matching the filling speed. Put 2,000 cans per 1 m3 or 35 cu-ft basket in 2 minutes and the line speed will be up to 1.000 cans per minute. High temperature, short time processing will do the rest in a horizontal tunnel designed for a wide range of heating and cooling times.

EU and US Patents

European and US Patents were granted to recognize the innovative essence of this revolutionary continuous flow food sterilization system.