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New Smart Control System: Understand how & when to upgrade

Smart Post-Pack Sterilizers

Surdry’s latest equipment development program includes the concept of “smart” to describe post-pack sterilizers (batch and continuous) ready:

  • To communicate data to the food plant management systems (ERP, etc.).
  • To enable easy machine commissioning and after-sales service with remote connection and support.
  • To replace the sterilization process paper records with electronic records, in compliance with the FDA Code of Federal Regulations “21 CFR Part 11: Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures”.


Surdry has modernized the control system with new functionalities in a user-friendly and intuitive environment. With the new name of SteriNet21, it replaces SteriNet for more connectivity and better remote service.

SteriNet21 has been developed by Surdry IT experts using Rockwell Automation and Copa-data Zenon hardware and software.

Control configuration

HMI next to door

The PLC with all analog and digital I/O to control the process.

Recorder in the electrical cabinet

The HMI for the operator to visualize the retort process and take control actions.

PLC (inside the cabinet)

The Recorder to capture all temperature and pressure data and present them in multiple report forms.

Multiple retort HMIs on a Central Control Desk

The Host PC, connected to one or multiple retorts, to manage recipes from its database and record all process data, alarms and deviations. The Host PC is the hub to communicate the retorts to the plant management systems.


SteriNet21 new software

10” HMI
Allen Bradley

Host PC with

(programmed with Zenon)