Batch Retorts

Batch Retorts

Surdry retorts are synonym of rugged construction and durability

Surdry Process Technology

Models with horizontal and vertical doors are available in diameters ranging from 950 mm up to 1800 mm with chamber lengths up to 10 mts, to take up to 8 baskets. Surdry has standardized the A-14X-SWS series (1400 mm diameter and X for up to 8 baskets) to provide quicker delivery and competitive pricing.

SWS, standing for Steam and Water Spray mixture is acknowledged to be the technology that best suits any type of food container. Other technologies like SST, Hybrid and WSH technologies are also available in this wide range.

Steam Water Spray (SWS)

Invented and patented by Surdry in 1983, the SWS retort process technology combines heating by direct steam injection with superheated water spray. With steam from the bottom and spray from top and sides, the result is uniform heat distribution in a short time.

A water-water plate heat exchanger cools the retort spray water, thus allowing the reuse of the cooling water via a cooling tower or a dry-cooler.

Compressed air is injected at any time to compensate for container thermal expansion.

Saturated Steam (SST)

When it comes to combining small cans in a large retort basket, saturated steam is the best way to achieve short come-up time in the slowest heating spot between cans. Higher steam consumption than SWS is the price to pay.

The counterpressure is limited to the saturated steam pressure, which limits the use to small rigid metal cans which can resist high internal pressure without deformation.

Cooling may be by spray or water immersion, with the backup of an optional heat exchanger for water recovery.

During cooling, compressed air is injected in a controlled way to keep up the pressure when steam condenses and so ensure container integrity.

Hybrid (SWS-SST)

This retort concept combines both SWS and SST technologies to provide the user the choice of both, especially when the basket is big and the use is intended for small cans as well as for glass or flexible containers which require counterpressure during heating.

The result is the retort with the highest flexibility for any container combined with the highest heating and cooling efficiency for each type of packaging.

The choice of the process technology is associated to each product recipe and the retort automatically sets itself for the selected process mode.

Water Spray Heating (WSH)

Surdry recommends the use of direct steam injection into the retort for process repeatability reasons with minimum maintenance, since a perforated tube is self-cleaning by the action of the steam, while a steam-water heat exchanger will often require cleaning to keep the critical heating time the same.

However, when steam is not available with the required quality, Surdry offers the choice of heating the spray water in an external heat exchanger.

WSH technology is offered with single or double heat exchanger, one for steam and a separate one for cooling, so that steam and water do not mix in the same unit.

Smart Production Retorts

Intelligent and Connected

Static A-XY

Reliable Sterilization Made Simple

Rotary AR-XY: Rotary or high angle of oscillation

Full Rotation and High Angle Oscillation

Oscillating A-XY-OS

15º Angle Oscillation with High Load Capacity

Pilot retorts

Pilot retorts are specifically designed for research and development purposes, allowing for small-scale testing of new products or processes. These compact and versatile machines are ideal for use in laboratories or small-scale production facilities.

Static Pilot AP-95
Multimode APR-95 and APR-95-SV

With water tank

Wide range of retort
diameters and lengths

Regular production models













Lengths from 1 to 10 mts, 1 to 8 baskets

Control systems

Surdry’s control systems team is integrated by professionals with more than 20 years in the company, together with talented specialists in programming and installation of PLC, HMI and SCADA systems.

SteriNet21, the latest control system release, features secure operation and high data protection in compliance with FDA Regulation Title 21 CFR Part 11. State-of-the-art visual tools enable easy and intuitive navigation and operation.

Surdry relies on Rockwell Automation and Copa-Data to create robust and smart hardware and software combinations.

Handling Systems Automation

In partnership with well-known international specialists Surdry, helps the customer to choose the handling equipment that best suit their operation requirements. A good handling system choice and plant layout is essential for operator safety as well as for process safety. Nobody wants their staff injured or any unsterilized products by-passing the retorts.


Simple machines to help the operator


Automatic basket or tray loading and manual transport to the retorts

Fully Automatic

Fully automated loading, conveying and unloading

Handling Accessories

Rigid containers

Flexible containers