Legal policy


1. Introduction

Pursuant to the provisions of the Electronic Commerce and Information Society Services Act 34/2002, of 11 July, (, we hereby inform all the users of our portal that “Surdry, S.L.” is the owner of the website that you are accessing. The registered office of the company is at Pol. Industrial Trañapadura E6 48220 – Abadiano – Vizcaya (Spain). The contact telephone of the company is 946 814 171 and its email is:

Please do not hesitate to contact us using the aforementioned information if you have any queries, wish to send us your suggestions, comments or report any claim or incident, regarding the disclaimer or the general contracting conditions of our firm.

The purpose of this document is, on the one hand and as has already been stated, to comply with current legal requirements for Internet service providers, established in the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act 15/1999, of 13 December, and of the Spanish Electronic Commerce and Information Society Services Act 34/2002, of 11 July, ( On the other hand, we comply with the acquired commitment to our customers regarding transparency and clarity in our commercial relations with the users of our website.

The disclaimer and the general terms and conditions which you are now accessing regulate the use of our website by the customers, users or visitors (hereinafter any of these terms used shall refer to all of them in general) who access the site.

We should stress that use of the website that you are visiting is totally voluntary and therefore the use of this site means full and unreserved acceptance of these general contracting conditions and disclaimer, along with the acceptance of the privacy policy, with regard to the protection of personal data. Therefore, you as the user undertake to read these conditions and disclaimer each time you access our service and follow the instructions given by the owner of the website during the use of the site.

2. Legal ownership of the website

Pursuant to the provisions of the Spanish Electronic Commerce and Information Society Services Act 34/2002, of 11 July, (, we hereby inform all users and visitor of our website that “Surdry, S.L.” is the owner and manager of the website that you are accessing.

All the intellectual or industrial property rights of this website, its title, contents, texts, photographs, logos, denominative, signs, images, graphic designs, drawings, plans, source codes, and other elements included in the site, are the property of the editor and owner of the website, “Surdry, S.L.”, as well as of the companies, entities and firms that supply the products and are protected by the Intellectual Property Act, approved by Legislative Royal Decree 1/96 and by other current international and national legislation, relating to intellectual rights and copyright. The owner of the website and the suppliers are likewise the holders of all the industrial property rights arising from the use of brands, commercial names and other elements that appear on the website.

All the contents, texts, drawings, photographs, signs, logos, graphs, images, computer source codes and other intellectual creations that are present on our website are likewise protected by the legislation relating to copyright, which protects both the website, taken as a whole, and the other individual elements that make it up.

The total or partial reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, assignment, sale or leasing of this website is strictly forbidden without the prior express written authorisation of the owner of the website, “Surdry, S.L.”. Under no circumstances shall the consultation or access to the website be deemed to be the total or partial waiver, assignment, sale or transfer of the website and its rights.

Under no circumstances shall our company be held liable for any type of breach of intellectual and property rights by the users that access our website. We hereby reserve the right to take any appropriate legal action in the case of breach of any type of right referring to the intellectual or industrial property by third-party visitors to our website.

The users of our website are expressly empowered and authorised to use, view, download and print, on any medium, whether or not automated, the contents of this website, protected by intellectual and industrial property legislation, provided that it is for private use, not for commercial, lucrative, communication or distribution purposes, and does not amend, suppress, alter or distort the result sought by the author of the website, and furthermore, the origin and author are indicated, along with the industrial property symbols of their holders. These clarifications do not mean that any type of licence has been granted to the users of the website.

3. Data Protection

The Spanish Personal Protection Data Act 15/1999, of 13 December, requires us to inform the users of this portal that the data that you provide freely and voluntarily through our website will not form part of any automated or non-automated personal data file.

4. Legal actions

Surdry, S.L.” hereby reserves the right to exercise any legal actions available in law to seek any liability arising from incorrect use of its portal or the breach of any provision contained in the conditions of use, the disclaimer and the general terms and conditions, or in the clauses specifying the privacy policy. Our entity may withdraw, suspend, cancel or terminate the service at any moment for any user that does not comply with all the legal conditions set out on our website, and who do not accept what is set out herein and in the aforementioned documents.

5. Conditions of use

These conditions of use are established by “Surdry, S.L.” in order to inform its users about the policy for using website, to which you are accessing. The aim of these conditions for using the portal of our website is to provide the guidelines to be followed by any people who access the site.

On the other hand, the conditions of use are accepted by the visitor of the website. These conditions of use, in the same way as the disclaimer and the general terms and conditions will be read and accepted by each visitor at the time of accessing our website. Merely by using our website, the customers will therefore be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the application of each and every one of the conditions stipulated in this and the other sections referring to the legal aspects of our website.

The customers who access the site are responsible for carefully reading of its conditions of use each time they access the website and note any changes that may have been made therein. Our company shall not be held liable should the customer fail to carefully read our legal information.

These conditions of use, the general terms and conditions are fully, completely and unconditionally applicable to the whole website that you are visiting, along with its different sections or headings. First of all, it should be pointed out that the language of the website is Spanish. Access to the website is likewise free to any member of the public who wishes to visit it.

The contracting parties are “Surdry, S.L.”, the company that owns and manages the website, and the users or visitors of our website. These conditions of use aim to establish guidelines for the use of our website by the users that access the website. We are thus complying with Electronic Commerce and Information Society Services Act 34/2002, of 11 July, ( and likewise with the provisions of Royal Decree 1906/1999, which regulates Electronic Contracting and Remote Contracts.

In any event, you should contact our company to check the information given on our website or if you have any query regarding any product in the website you are visiting.

The company that owns and manages this website, “Surdry, S.L.”, hereby reserves the right to modify the services offered and our products, whenever deemed necessary for the smooth running of the portal. Any modifications and changes carried out will not affect any products that have already been ordered.

6. ISO Standard

Surdry has implemented ISO 9001: 2015 methodology for Quality management. Through an annual evaluation based on continuous monitoring, the steps to be followed in the management of all areas of the Company are established, including external actors such as Suppliers, Customers and Certification Oganisms.

Our Quality Policy is available to any interested party.